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Welcome to D1 Supplements! My name is Ed Queen and my goal is to form a partnership to help meet your fitness and nutritional needs. Health and fitness are two things I have always been passionate about, from little league to high school to college and now in my daily routines. Proper nutrition goes hand in hand with fitness and athletics. I hope to share my expertise with you and help develop healthier habits to keep you and your team determined and strong.


Many athletes and professionals work out regularly which can deplete certain nutrients that are vital for muscles to work efficiently. At D1, we take physical fitness seriously and want to help you to improve your performance in the gym, on the field, on the track and also everyday life. D1 Supplements offers many different products and supplements for men and women of all fitness levels and needs, as well as products for muscle and joint support. We also supply supplements and products in bulk to high schools, colleges, professionals, and any other group that is “Determined and Strong”.


It is my hope that we can work together to choose the right products to help you achieve a healthier and more physically fit lifestyle. You can check us out on Facebook at D1 Supplements or at www.d1supplements.com as I’m confident you’ll walk away as another satisfied customer.


Let’s do great things together!


Ed Queen, III